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  • A Soccer Star’s Transition From the Pitch to YouTube
    Jimmy Conrad was a reserve defender for the U.S. Men's National Team (USMNT) at the 2006 World Cup, getting onto the field against group-play opponents Italy and Ghana He's going to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup in June — this time, however, in a completely different role. Conrad has... read more
    Source: Mashable | Published on 2014-04-20
  • The Loch Ness Monster: Only on iOS
    Apple Maps did what Google Maps never could -– it found the Loch Ness Monster Members of the Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club identified a shadow in the loch's waters that can be seen only in Apple Maps' satellite imagery –– the same form was not found on Google... read more
    Source: Mashable | Published on 2014-04-20
  • A-Sides and B-Sides: Record Store Day Lives On
    These days, thanks to various technologies, listening to any type of music anytime, anywhere is pretty easy. But across generations, people still love dusting off an old vinyl record, and listening music on a record player Record Store Day, which takes place every third Saturday of April, brings people together... read more
    Source: Mashable | Published on 2014-04-20
  • Dot Com Pho – How To Make Real Iced Coffee Edition
    I’m still in Vancouver, and that means the Dot Com Lunch is still the Dot Com Pho. Once again we headed out to Happy Pho at Main Street and King King Edward for an afternoon of fun and networking. One of the great things about Pho in Vancouver is they... read more
    Source: John Chow | Published on 2014-04-20
  • Top 5: Highest emerging market bank interest rates
    Tired of earning tiny interest rates in your local bank? Looking for some of the highest interest rates in the world? If you have a sense of adventure, you can earn high yields in emerging market banks. These aren’t your average offshore bank accounts. But yields are high. How high?... read more
    Source: Nomad Capitalist | Published on 2014-04-20
  • Top 5: Worst cases of hyperinflation in history
    We’ve talked about the little-discussed early American hyperinflation. We’ve talked about Argentina’s maddening capital controls and their effect on sky-high inflation rates. Neither of those countries, however, can hold a candle to some of the worst cases of hyperinflation in modern history. You’ve seen photos of Germans sweeping worthless Deutsche... read more
    Source: Nomad Capitalist | Published on 2014-04-20
  • Drone Shoots Epic Footage of SpaceX Rocket Launch and Controlled Landing
    Elon Musk's space-faring company SpaceX has released the first test footage of its Falcon 9 Reusable (F9R) taking off, and making a controlled landing at the company's rocket-development facility in Texas The epic video gives us a 360-degree aerial view of the feat, thanks to the unique perspective of a... read more
    Source: Mashable | Published on 2014-04-20
  • Hands On With Facebook’s Nearby Friends
    There's a lot that Facebook allows you to share with your friends. On Thursday, the company added "exact location" to that list Facebook's new Nearby Friends feature enables you to flip a switch to start broadcasting your location with friends in the area. If you see someone nearby with whom... read more
    Source: Mashable | Published on 2014-04-19
  • Meet An Nguyen – Creating A Business Around Your Lifestyle
    Mr. An Nguyen came to the US in 1993 from Vietnam. He graduated with an engineering degree but found that the available career options did not fit his lifestyle. He went back to school to get an MBA and opened up a chain of Vietnamese restaurants which grew to 9... read more
    Source: Watrepreneur Journey | Published on 2014-04-19
  • Mojito Island & Entreporn, Revisited
    This article is about Entreporn and Mojito Island, and the emotionally manipulative fantasy narratives of “success.” Entreporn is a word I coined, on this podcast. Mojito Island is another term of art that you might want to know, coined by DHH himself. Without further ado… If you ever wanted to... read more
    Source: Unicorn Free | Published on 2014-04-19
  • Never Negotiate Your Freelance Rate
    “Everything is negotiable. Whether or not the negotiation is easy is another thing.” The problem with selling time is that the buyer knows margins are high. When I ran my consultancy, I was constantly pressured to negotiate down our rates. Our formula was pretty simple: We had a client rate,... read more
    Source: Planscope | Published on 2014-04-19
  • Island Adventure 2, Part 2: Almost Total Victory
    I woke up to a familiar sight. Outside the vehicle I had slept in was Brian, on the phone, trying to get us help with our latest predicament. And, just as last time with being stuck in mud, our unfailingly benevolent neighbors came to our rescue. "I don't let anyone... read more
    Source: Tynan | Published on 2014-04-19
  • The Power of Blogging and Branding from Affiliate Summit East 2012
    This was a conference session titled The Power of Blogging and Branding from Affiliate Summit East 2012, which took place August 12-14, 2012 in New York City at the Hilton New York. Session speakers: Lisa Picarille, Content Director, Performance Marketing Association (Moderator) John Chow, Founder & CEO, John Chow dot... read more
    Source: Affiliate Tip | Published on 2014-04-19
  • Weekend Favs April Nineteen
    Weekend Favs April Nineteen written by John Jantsch read more at Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing My weekend blog post routine includes posting links to a handful of tools or great content I ran across during the week. I don’t go into depth about the finds, but... read more
    Source: Duct Tape Marketing | Published on 2014-04-19
  • Travel well, for business or pleasure
    Packing well isn’t just about how you fold your clothes—it’s also about bringing exactly the right gear for the trip and not a piece extra. For this guide, we wanted to find ways to lighten your load, organize your gadgets, and maximize your comfort while you’re away from home. We’ve... read more
    Source: The Wire Cutter | Published on 2014-04-19
  • 10 Images to Inspire Simplicity in Your Life
    Over the past two years, I have been creating inspirational images for the Becoming Minimalist Facebook page. They have circulated amazingly well. The Becoming Minimalist page has grown from 25K fans in February, 2013 to over 120K today. I’m very grateful for the response and the opportunity it has provided... read more
    Source: Becoming Minimalist | Published on 2014-04-19
  • 545: Stuart Crane: TV Talk and the power of Podcasting
    545: Stuart Crane: TV Talk and the power of Podcasting is a post from: What does it take to be an Entrepreneur? Join us as Stuart shares his Entrepreneurial mindset and an inside glance at his journey to becoming a successful Entrepreneur. Stuart is a seasoned entrepreneur of 25+ years. Originally a... read more
    Source: Entrepreneur on Fire | Published on 2014-04-19
  • How To Put Old Blogs To Good Use
    You know those blog posts that come out of nowhere, flow freely from your mind to the “paper”, attract a lot of interest and then….poof. Vanish into what feels like thin air the very next day? Well, there is no need to fret, we have come up with a few... read more
    Source: John Chow | Published on 2014-04-19
  • Fuck “Innovation” 2: Time is a Line, You Guys!
    I’m writing this on Friday at 8pm. Slightly soused, if you must know. Just a scant 2 hours ago, Alex and I wrapped up our infamous 30×500 Bootcamp, 7 (really 8) hours a day, two days in a row. Yes, the lessons are pre-recorded, but the homework critique, the guidance,... read more
    Source: Unicorn Free | Published on 2014-04-19
  • How John Doerr and VC Firm Kleiner Perkins ‘Swing for the Stands’
    In a lecture at Stanford's business school, the Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers partner talks about the most important lessons he has learned in his years investing in new ventures.... read more
    Source: Inc | Published on 2014-04-18
  • 7 Productivity Apps You Can’t Live Without
    Get even more done with some of these new and updated applications.Whether you're an avid user of personal productivity apps or you're downloading one for the first time, consider this refreshed list of options. -- Laura Montini A Magneto Calendar was designed for quick meeting scheduling. It gives users a... read more
    Source: Inc | Published on 2014-04-18
  • 3 Ways to Motivate Salespeople With More Than Just Money
    Sales contests can be a valuable opportunity to coach members of your sales team and get them to work together better.Stop for a second to think about what really motivates a salesperson. Recent research from Aberdeen Group found that number one is money. (Shocker!) Following that is competition with peers... read more
    Source: Inc | Published on 2014-04-18
  • 3 Ways to Lead the Way in Your Industry
    If you aren't first, you're last. Don't let your company get left behind.No business can afford to blindly follow the crowd. Your company needs to be driving innovation, not sitting in the passenger seat. You need to be ahead of the trends.I recently talked to RED Interactive Agency's CEO Brian... read more
    Source: Inc | Published on 2014-04-18
  • How to Track Your Employees’ Productivity Without Becoming Big Brother
    The Quantified Self movement has tremendous potential in the workplace--just don't use data analytics technologies to monitor people's bathroom breaks.People are going crazy for self measurement. Fitbits and FuelBands track our activities and sleep. Mobile apps have gone far beyond counting calories to support mood tracking, time spent meditating, and... read more
    Source: Inc | Published on 2014-04-18
  • Contribute to our research by taking our surveys
    We like knowing what our readers think is most important in the products we’re researching. If you’re into A/V receivers or bags of all kinds, please take our surveys. You’ll be helping to contribute to our final guides!... read more
    Source: The Wire Cutter | Published on 2014-04-18
  • What it Takes to Cook Some of Literature’s Most Famous Meals
    Dinah Fried's new photo book brings the words of authors such as James Joyce and Lewis Caroll to life... read more
    Source: Smithsonian Mag | Published on 2014-04-18
  • Life under Surveillance: Snowden, NSA and America
    I frequently take the the top voted question from readers and answer it on the blog. With 64 votes, today’s winner was submitted by Imran: Life under Surveillance: Issues and Options? Edward Snowden will go down in history as a hero. A quick look at the history of The Pentagon Papers and... read more
    Source: Scott Berkun | Published on 2014-04-18
  • How Facebook Might Be Planning a Very Smart Pivot
    A banking license? For a social network? Here's why Facebook's latest move is more forward-thinking than it seems.Facebook wants to bank its financial future on more than online advertising. In fact, the company wants to become a bank.According to the Financial Times, Facebook is awaiting authorization from Ireland's central bank... read more
    Source: Inc | Published on 2014-04-18
  • Mars’ Super-Thin Atmosphere May Mean that Flowing Water Was the Exception, Not the Rule
    A new analysis suggests that Mars' atmosphere was often too thin to support liquid water... read more
    Source: Smithsonian Mag | Published on 2014-04-18
  • 20 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Immediately Improve Their Health
    The most common problems for entrepreneurs are often not even “work” related… In many instances it has something to do with excessive sitting and poor diet. Working long, unsociable hours, on little sleep, fueling your body with crap food – just to get back to the grind isn’t healthy for... read more
    Source: Income Diary | Published on 2014-04-18

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