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Fitness Challenge 2.0

Last year I embarked on a successful fitness challenge following our return from a few months in Thailand where I had not trained at all. This winter we went to Mexico and followed it up with trips to Brazil and the US. Although I was doing daily yoga in Mexico, overall I wasn’t that happy with my fitness levels. Yoga is great for building flexibility and inner serenity, but for maintaining a good fitness level and muscle mass it needs to be supplemented by cardio and strength training.

For the past two months we’ve been on a Euro trip and again I had no opportunity to train during this trip, resulting in a non-optimal physical shape once again. The cannoli consumed during the latter part of the trip (in Sicily) obviously did nothing to help :)

So once again I embark on a fitness challenge. During the next few weeks I will be improving my fitness levels. My main goal is to lose the fat and kilos that have been added to my waistline region. For the first week I am starting with daily cycling sessions, the first of which was today. I enjoyed using my new Polar FT7 watch which helped me keep the desired heart rate levels as well as have an estimate of calories burned.

I will be back with an update in a week’s time.

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